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In 2021 – as staff started migrating back to their offices, CBRE went back to the drawing board and revisited the idea of what a physical workspace should encompass.

Tasked with bringing a vision to reality, Stack Interior Specialists collaborated with our Design team to deliver premium lighting solutions that catered to CBRE’s vision of a collaborative workspace. 

Both Stack and our design team were tasked to implement seamless, contemporary lighting that provides a sense of invitation, collaboration and sensory wellbeing. This thinking can be seen once you set foot into the CBRE office: from the recessed ceiling light fixtures that alludes to skylight windows, to the subtle indirect wall lights that softly illuminate the sitting booths.

We chose to deploy a variety of our premium European lighting systems that were best suited for the task at hand. Most notable mentions are the Molto Luce Bina Round Recessed LightsMolto Luce Trigga Pendant Lights, and Grace Thrive Downlights that are seen in the entrance and meeting rooms.

The outcome of this was a blend of contemporary lighting elegance and quality that accentuates key unique interior spatial structures, while achieving pockets of welcoming collaborative spaces for both staff and their clients. 

Holistic lighting and how we as people interact in lit spaces is one of Novii’s core pillars as a company. The CBRE project really highlighted this and we’re proud to have a hand in illuminating their office.