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Custom Lighting Solutions

Freedom to express, create, collaborate and customise

Custom lighting solutions are more than just bespoke light fittings in a space. It’s a journey of elevating experiences through the right type of lighting solution.

Our Custom Solutions Service is all about tailored lighting solutions that leverage multiple disciplines, drawing on a diverse range of specialised skills in design, user experience, and technology. By combining these areas of expertise, a distinctive lighting solution is created that not only delivers the optimal illumination for a space but also enhances the experience of its occupants.

Design your light with us





We have the ability to customise any standard fitting by incorporating colour, ensuring a more seamless integration into a space or creating a visual feature.

We can modify standard products to improve their suitability for a particular job. This could involve the addition of components, the creation of a new mounting option, changing the appearance and fitting material, or even altering the light engine components.

We leverage our design skills to create new products from scratch that are specifically tailored to meet unique applications. This could involve finding solutions to existing problems or designing an entirely new fitting.

We are capable of collaborating with individuals and companies from other sectors to create solutions both within and beyond the realm of lighting design, drawing from our expertise and skill set.

A uniquely designed space, with distinctive features, requires a custom lighting solution

Our interdisciplinary team is equipped to provide customised solutions for your space, whether it requires beautification, spatial wellness through technology, or a combination of both.

Custom Lighting Projects

Proof is in the lights. Check out a few cherry picked custom lighting projects we’ve worked on.

Superette International


Whangarei Maori Land Court






Great minds think different.

At Novii, collaboration is the heart of everything. We’re always looking for new and better ways to work, create and innovate. If that rings true for you too, make contact. We’d love to hear what you have to say.
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