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Lighting Design

Good spaces start with good lighting

Establishing good vibes to your space starts with a Lighting Designer, and getting one in early on the project makes a world of difference in the final outcome.

As part of our Lighting Design service, we’re here to assist you in selecting the appropriate light fixtures, lumens placement, and output that will make a significant difference to your space. Our expert lighting designers work within all budget types to help you achieve the best lighting for your space.

Illuminate your space with us

Our Process

We have tailored the lighting plan process to meet your expectations and provide an effective and comprehensive service.

Creating a lighting plan requires a significant amount of work, which is why we have broken down the main goals of having a lighting plan for your project.

First Phase – Consultation

At Novii, we believe in achieving the best results by working closely with our clients.

We’ll schedule you a one-on-one meeting with our lead lighting designer. During this meeting, we discuss your goals and needs for your build, renovation, or existing home, as well as your budget.

To help us understand your vision, we require architectural drawings, including plans, elevations, cross-sections, and details.

Additionally, we ask for any inspirational images and concepts you may have collected from magazines or internet searches, as well as samples of colours and finishes such as wallpaper, tiles, and paint. Images of your site are also helpful in our design process.

By providing us with these materials, we can work together to achieve the perfect lighting effect for your space.

Stage 4 Lighting Design – VR Flythrough Experience for the Morningside Tavern

Second Phase – Lighting Design Plan

The lighting design phase encompasses an initial lighting plan and a thorough breakdown of the lighting incorporated in this plan.

In addition to the concept and preliminary round, we provide five Lighting Design stages. Each stage provides a unique level of detail and service with the last stages offering a VR viewing of your space and an additional lighting automation plan.

The timeline for this stage is determined by variables like project size, lighting design stage choice, lighting requirements, technical specifications, and architectural design.

Third Phase – Reconsolidate and Revision

After completing the preliminary lighting design, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss the design in detail. The consultation can also be held at our office if you’re interested in seeing the selected luminaires. Typically, you will have questions and feedback, which enables us to fine-tune the plan to meet your requirements and objectives.

Fourth Phase – Finalised Lighting Plan and Quotation

After reviewing your architectural drawings and preferences, we will produce a finalised Lighting plan with featured complementary light fittings. From here, we will generate a thorough pricing schedule and present you with a detailed quote outlining cost and timings.

Why Lighting Design Makes Everything Looks Better

Find out how good lighting equals good vibes and how a Lighting Designer makes any space look special.

Integrating Luminaries with Architecture

TLDR; Bad lighting choices are going to ruin your space.

Let’s talk about an industry boogeyman – Lighting and light fittings: Loads of people like them for their looks but don’t care much for the output and placement, treating it more like a home accessory then an important design element.

Great minds think different.

At Novii, collaboration is the heart of everything. We’re always looking for new and better ways to work, create and innovate. If that rings true for you too, make contact. We’d love to hear what you have to say.
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