Thinking about light holistically is a matter of fact at Bartenbach; European leaders in lighting research and product development. With a focus on light and the effects it has on well being, the results of their research are directly incorporated into their planning and product development of their optics.


Designed to be highly efficient, Bartenbach optics produce exact lighting control without glare in a compact design. Their reflectors and lens surfaces have integrated micro-facets. This means that several, different colour LEDs can be located under one lens and allows them to create lights that have exceptional light distribution and a precise cut-off.


Both of our european lighting partners; Molto Luce and Buck, work with Bartenbach to develop luminaires that perform with this precise technical control. Luminaires like Molto Luce’s Trigga series and Buck’s Micro luminaires are both built using Bartenbach optic technology.

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