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lighting excellence

Light is ever-changing, as is the advancement of technology in this field. For Novii, our passion for continued improvement and innovation has taken form in an exclusive partnership with Buck. Unparalleled in technical performance and production quality, Buck deliver an holistic approach to light in all its forms. Grounded in the technical arts of light, Buck consistently deliver luminaires of exceptional performance and quality.

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Healthcare lighting from Buck provides optimal illumination and lifetime longevity while complying with hygiene standards. Buck’s healthcare portfolio includes fixtures characterised by high energy efficiency, making the range of fixtures a suitable choice for hospitals, surgeries, laboratories, and other medical facilities.


Buck industrial lighting is the result of decades of experience, functional design development and innovation. Making the Buck industrial lighting range one of most recognisable in the international market. Different technologies and applications require differing levels of lightning, safety and operational hours. In additional to optimal visibility, the range includes low energy consumptions, durability and minimal maintenance features.


The Buck architectural lightning range is easily integrated into each unique space helping to create a functional and welcoming ambience. A careful product design process along with high quality component sourcing builds a lightning range that enables optimal visual comfort and functionality.


Lightning for sports fields, stadiums and halls play an important role for recreational and professional sports. The Buck sports lightning range has been designed to meet standards of all sports in order to provide optimal lighting for both players and spectators, while also meeting the demanding criteria imposed by organisations such as FIFA.

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