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SkyBar – SkyCity

The SkyBar at SkyCity, New Zealand’s highest bar, recently underwent a stunning transformation, setting the stage for an elevated experience like no other. Collaborating with Complete Construction, Burning Red Design, and Aotea Electric, Novii assisted in selecting and automating the perfect light fittings for this prestigious project. The result is a radiant space that seamlessly blends sophistication, technology, and ambiance to create an unforgettable journey for patrons.

The Grace Compose surface mounted downlights not only provide ample illumination but also infuse the entire space with a touch of elegance, creating an enchanting ambiance for guests.

Ensuring a seamless blend with the curvature of the space and the decorative wall lighting, LED lighting behind the bar called for precision. Our FluxxLED U15 lights proved to be the ideal choice, offering the perfect match for this unique environment.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the project was the introduction of sophisticated lighting automation. Novii’s team programmed the lighting automation to set scenes between day and night, without requiring any staff intervention. This dynamic lighting control adds an ethereal touch to the space, allowing patrons to transition seamlessly from vibrant day atmospheres to intimate night settings.

Apart from elevating the overall experience, Novii’s lighting control technology offered an additional advantage. The system required minimal drilling into the building’s infrastructure, preserving the architectural integrity and reducing any potential disruptions. This low-impact solution ensures that the transformation not only enhances the ambiance but also preserves the essence of the iconic venue.

The transformation of SkyBar is a testament to the powerful impact of lighting design on the overall experience of a space. Novii’s collaboration with Complete Construction, Burning Red Design, and Aotea Electric brought to life a truly mesmerising environment, where guests can bask in the warmth of Grace Compose downlights, admire the perfect curvature matching of FluxxLED U15 lights, and immerse themselves in the enchantment of seamless lighting automation. SkyBar stands as a shining example of how thoughtful lighting design can elevate human experiences to new heights.

Photo credits to Burning Red Design