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New Zealand Healthcare Manufacturing Facility

For their healthcare manufacturing facility in New Zealand, our client needed luminaries that met the requirements of a clean room environment. Finding the right type of lighting that fulfilled these specific criteria was a challenge, as clean room high bays are a highly specialised product. The criteria included shatter-proof glass, surfaces that do not attract dust and bacteria in their seams, the ability to fit seamlessly into a clean room ceiling, efficient lighting output, and ease of maintenance.

Being a highly specialised product with only a few lighting manufacturers producing it, we were grateful that our partners at BUCK had such a luminarie available. The BUCK Clean Room HB was selected for this project as it adheres to HACCP standards (Food and Beverage industry) and met all the client’s requirements.

Due to the demanding requirements of the healthcare manufacturing facility, the electrical engineers were pleased to specify and install the Clean Room HB, noting that the luminaries were of high quality and performed effectively.

Project Completion: Q3 2022

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