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Beyond Radiology

Typically medical spaces tend to be perceived as sterile environments with cool white lighting. Working with the team at Beyond Radiology, we wanted to enhance the human experience of their space. The challenge was to evolve what a healthcare experience feels like and drive better outcomes for staff and patients. 

To achieve this we specified 3000K low glare fittings through the front of house; more attune to a residential or hotel experience. This warmer lighting temperature subconsciously better prepares patients on a journey through the space allowing them to feel relaxed before going into the more specialised areas of the facility.

In the imaging rooms where both staff and patient use needed to be considered, a specialised dual experience was required. Where staff need a focussed environment, cooler CCTS (4000K) were used. However, when patients enter the room staff can use the dynamic lighting control to switch to a more subdued 3000K/dimming to 20% over a customised period of time in consultation with staff. 

Additional working spaces for the staff are customised with the use of circadian rhythm profiles and dimming. Providing warm CCT’s (2700-3000K) in the morning and evening with cooler CCT’s during the work day (3000-4200K.) An override switch allows for individual dimming and CCT control. The overall lighting is scheduled to run throughout the workday with motion sensing after hours for a touchless experience.

Beyond Radiology is a fully customised and specialist medical lighting solution, offering the best experience for both staff and patients.