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Anthony Harper

Anthony Harper, a distinguished New Zealand law firm, engaged Wingates for the design of their innovative 1280sqm workplace on Levels 34 and 35 of the ANZ Tower in Auckland’s CBD. Aiming to depart from the conventional law firm appearance, the new workspace serves as a platform for showcasing their cohesive culture both internally and externally.

Wingates, drawing on our expertise, seamlessly integrated a lighting solution that harmonises with the interior design while prioritising the well-being of both staff and clients. 

Grace Compose surface-mounted downlights accentuated the wavy acoustics in reception and board rooms, as well as the grid ceiling acoustics in the kitchen area. 

FluxxLED UDON U20’s illuminated hallways and enhanced the wooden slat wall features, while Tyke recessed Linears and Grace Thrive Nanos provided ambient lighting in meeting and board rooms. 

The Lightnet Liquid Line pendant served as a centrepiece in the staff kitchen space. The new workspace also features a wellness room with lighting customisable in four different colours, and focus rooms are adorned with Grace Silhouette and Thrive Pendants.

Beyond the Novii lighting catalogue, we collaborated on crafting a bespoke aged brass linear pendant, elegantly suspended above the kitchen space on Level 34.