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Exterior Expertise

Lira, a renowned Polish lighting manufacturer, has specialised in technically advanced exterior lighting solutions for 40 years. Their impressive history and experience in illuminating  historic sites, public spaces, museums, and iconic structures globally establishes Lira as a trailblazer in exterior architectural lighting.

We are the proud exclusive distributor of Lira lighting solutions in New Zealand.

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Optical Mastery Meets Environmental Sensibility

Lira luminaires stand out for their world-class optical precision and precise lighting control, elevating the ambiance of spaces. Optical precision at this level enhances wellbeing, functionality and sustainability while working towards minimising light pollution.

Location: Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Siauliai in Lithuania

Project: UAB” Patogi erdve” Patogi erdve- Just Light LT

Photo credits: Rinat Tarzumanov

Manufacturing Excellence

Lira’s dedication to achieving lifelong luminaire excellence is showcased in their manufacturing process and their continuous innovation in technologically advanced LED lighting systems. They’ve taken the proactive step of in-sourcing the production of most components and utilising precision milling with bar stocks for their light fixtures, ensuring unparalleled precision and material robustness.

Unparalleled Performance

With 40 years experience in exterior lighting solutions Lira sets the standard for performance and reliability. Longevity in performance is achieved through engineering precision and meticulous product development.

Lira Dreje Bollard

Lira Discovery Power LED / RGBW Wall Linear

Lira Piston 200 / LV / RGB-W Floodlight

Lira Naik 200 / RGB-W In-ground

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