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Highlighting Architecture

Lightnet luminaries blend contemporary design aesthetics with German state of the art technology and manufacturing processes. Push the boundaries of what you think is possible with lighting whilst bringing a beautifully contemporary look to your next space.

Novii is proud to be the exclusive New Zealand distributor of Lightnet.

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Sustainable Light

Lightnet is a leader in environmentally friendly and more sustainable lighting solutions.  Their sustainability journey is a commitment from their entire supply chain to achieve carbon neutrality through smarter production practices. Lightnet’s lighting solutions lead to a greener future.

Elegantly sophisticated, technologically advanced

Lightnet combines elegant simplicity and advanced technologies in their design and production processes. They believe the best luminaires are ones that blend and seamlessly enhance the architecture, elevating the spatial experience.

Built for the future

Lightnet is dedicated to creating enduring luminaires. Customise and maintain any Lightnet luminaire to match your project’s vision. Their commitment to longevity goes further, considering sustainable materials, reflecting a holistic approach to lighting designed for the future.

KIA Motors - Botany


Lightnet Liquid Line AX

Lightnet Grand Lucille S9

Lightnet Cubic Evolution C4

Lightnet Ringo Star G3

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