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Simply Human

The beauty of the Grace range lies not just in its simplicity and precision. We are just as curious about this invisible power to shape the mood of a space and the health of a human as we are about the function and performance of our lighting solutions. Experience, ultimately, is everything. Grace is human technology, designed for a more human experience. Contact Now

Human Technology

Experience, ultimately, is everything. The Grace range gives specifiers the tools to shape spaces that enhance human wellness. Just as a painter’s many different brushes allow them to create a myriad of effects, the Grace range can create the right light for the right space, to make it human in all the right ways.


The Grace Thrive lighting range offers series of downlights that uses Bridgelux Thrive technology designed to best match the spectra of natural light. The Average Spectral Difference (ASD) quantifies the naturalness of a light source and in doing so offers a human-centric lighting experience.


The human body uses light to regulate waking and sleeping. The Grace Compose range of downlights integrate technology designed to work with the body’s circadian rhythms which can enhance daytime alertness and evening relaxation.


Light is a paradox. It’s intangible, yet it is important as any solid material in a designer’s palette. It can be shaped, but it also shapes, defining space and human experiences. Our Grace Flow range offers all of the benefits human-centric lighting in a timeless round light fitting.


Our Grace Balance light panels offer UGR <19 through a range of aesthetics. Good glare control through the use of optics, baffling and indirect light make spaces more comfortable and enjoyable.


The Grace Silhouette Blade Light Pendant offers a minimalistic design and flexible light distribution. The premium diffuser eliminates pixelation and reduces glare. Power over suspension further enhances this unique aesthetic.

Beyond Radiology




Grace Compose 15W Surface Mount Downlight

Grace Balance Prismatic 50W 1195 x 595 Panel

Grace Thrive Nano 22W Fixed Downlight

Flow 735mm 70W Direct/Indirect

Great minds think different.

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