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Office Lighting using Lightnet’s Cubic range

March 15, 2023

Office spaces are evolving –  As more offices adopt an ‘industrial chic’ design aesthetic with the use of rugged lamps and pendants, others are seeking new types of lighting that differentiate themselves. Luminaries that are minimalist, geometric that match the industrial aesthetic.

Here is where Lightnet’s Cubic Range comes in. Geometric and elegant in design, the Cubic range offers a breadth of light fitting options from freestanding, track, wall and ceiling that seamlessly integrate into any space, whether it’s a modern, industrial or minimalist interior. Lightnet’s Cubic range side steps the usual industrial light bulbs and lamps in favour of a more timeless, minimalist approach that provides both functional and decorative benefits. 

Lightnet’s Cubic Range is a premium, versatile and innovative lighting solution that can transform any office space into a contemporary and stylish environment. The range allows for a variety of lighting configurations to suit specific office requirements. Additionally, the range’s minimalist design and light fitting customisation options make it a visually appealing option that can enhance the aesthetics of any office space. 

As NZ exclusive partners with Lightnet, if you have any questions about the Cubic range, get in touch with us.