Well lit offices have a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. A feeling most of us can relate to – walking into a space and instantly feeling at ease. This sub conscious awareness of comfort within a space is created through lighting uniformity. A key element for office lighting that directly compares the brightest and darkest areas of a space to provide a quantifiable view of its uniformity. The smaller the difference between bright and dark areas the higher the uniformity. 


Our lighting design team model uniformity for offices through the use of a lighting design calculation. Each unique project is designed by arranging luminaires to create an evenly lit space. Time is then taken to calculate adequate lighting for task surfaces like desks and meeting rooms, while also providing ambient light to walls and ceilings to increase the feeling of spaciousness. 


Alongside lighting design calculations, our team follow good lighting practice by using the ASNZ lighting standards. These standards provide guidelines for light levels, uniformity and glare for healthy and comfortable spaces.


It is our task to take those lighting calculations and guidelines and translate them into visual outputs that help our clients understand what the space will look and feel like. 


The example above is the perfect illustration of a space designed using a range of linear lighting and downlights to maximise uniformity increasing occupant comfort and ultimately wellness in the space.

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