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Light notes – Workplace Illumination: Why does the right office lighting truly matter?

July 19, 2023

Shedding Light on Workplace Illumination: Why does the right office lighting truly matter? Let’s explore how optimal illumination influences our lives, both within and beyond the office walls.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, employers increasingly recognise the profound influence that lighting can have on employees’ mood and productivity.

Let’s delve into the crucial role of lighting in creating a conducive and inspiring work environment.

“Lighting has a significant impact on mood, well-being, and job satisfaction.”

– Dr. Karen Johnson, Workplace Psychologist

Numerous studies have shown that exposure to natural light positively influences mood, reduces stress, and enhances overall satisfaction. Incorporating well-designed lighting solutions that mimic natural light can create a harmonious atmosphere that fosters positive emotions and employee well-being.

Johnson, K. (2019). The Role of Lighting in Workplace Mood and Job Satisfaction. Journal of Workplace Psychology, 15(2), 78-93.

“Proper lighting design contributes to increased productivity and cognitive performance.”

– Dr. Michael Smith, Lighting Researcher


The link between lighting and productivity, emphasizing that well-designed lighting solutions positively impact cognitive performance. Optimal lighting conditions that mimic natural light stimulate alertness, enhance focus, and support cognitive performance.


Smith, M. (2020). Lighting Design and its Impact on Productivity and Cognitive Performance. Journal of Lighting Research, 7(3), 126-141.

“Exposure to natural light in the workplace is associated with improved sleep, mood, and overall well-being.”

– Dr. Laura Anderson, Circadian Rhythm Specialist


Automated dimmers provide flexibility to create the desired ambiance and meet specific lighting needs.

They allow for easy customisation, ensuring lighting matches our circadian rhythm. By adjusting intensity and color temperature, dimmers enhance productivity, comfort, and well-being in the workplace.


Anderson, L. (2018). The Impact of Natural Light on Workplace Wellness. Journal of Circadian Rhythms, 12(1), 42-56.

If you have any enquiries regarding workplace lighting solutions, then reach out to us today. Our team of lighting specialists are happy to help out.

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