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Light notes – Custom lighting solutions and the art of integrated lighting in architecture

April 11, 2023

All built spaces provide unique challenges – one that both architects and interior designers are both too familiar with. Part of those challenges is selecting the right type of luminaries to best accentuate the architectural features. A uniquely designed space, with distinctive features, requires a custom lighting solution that is tailored to enhance its aesthetic and functional appeal.

A recent Novii project that exemplifies this notion is the Whangarei Maori Land Court with its intricate timber ceiling that alludes to traditional Maori weaving patterns. We collaborated with GHDWoodhead Architects and Electrical Engineers to help tackle the challenge of integrating light fittings into the space that best highlighted the unique ceiling while playing with the cultural references. The end product was custom X-shaped lights that flowed between the timber crossroads, paying homage to the iconic Tāniko and Tukutuku patterns.

In combination with proper architectural lighting design, a custom lighting solution done right is key to elevating the overall meaning and feeling of the space, helping fostering, establishing, and emphasizing a building’s aesthetic, history, purpose. Its primary purpose is to serve and enhance specific architectural features, showcasing the ethos and unique characteristics of the structure.

If you have any enquiries regarding if a custom lighting solution is right for you, then reach out to us today. Our team of lighting specialists are happy to help out.

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