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Performance Testing

September 7, 2020

As experts in lighting Novii works with industry leaders to create professional solutions. Trusted performance data is a critical element for any specifier, that’s why we have partnered with independent NATA accredited laboratories to ensure the performance data we provide is accurate.

Testing Method

Two pieces of data from NATA testing, LM-79 and TM-21, reveal a luminaires performance ability .


LM-79 relates to the performance characteristics of a luminaire : luminous flux, electrical power as well as the diffusion of luminous intensity.

TM-21 extrapolates the expected lifetime of the light source in the luminaire

The Output 

Part of the new Tyke range has under gone LM-79 and TM-21 testing  in Australia to provide specifiers with the confidence to design with and supply Tyke into the most demanding of commercial spaces.


Engineered for performance with NATA accreditation you can be sure that each luminaire is ready to perform beyond expectations.