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Freedom to express

Create something that is uniquely tailored to your space. As a team driven by creative problem solving, collaboration and innovation, we want to shine light on your vision.

Whether it’s an immersive multi-sensory space or a specialist area for people to thrive, our team will collaborate with you to deliver an iconic lighting experience that you and others will enjoy.

Design your light with us

Lighting Design

Lighting design is more than putting a grid of downlights into a ceiling, as designers we must understand the intent and application of the space. This allows us to accentuate and highlight areas that require focus but to also indirectly light and create ambience for atmosphere. We believe that well tamed light is a catalyst of wellbeing and human experience.


Intuitive lighting that is in sync with your rhythm and environment. Create light that is expressive, comforting, and in-tune with modern IoT through our lighting automation systems.


Let your imagination run ablaze. Discover new ways of elevating multi sensory interactions and experiences through light.

Collaborative Product Design

We create beautiful solutions through the application of design and technology. We seek to personalise solutions that seamlessly connect to human experiences.