What is lighting design?

Light is multifaceted; its a wave and a particle, visible and invisible. It is this duality that makes light both an interesting and a difficult material to work with. Light and absence of light bring back primitive reactions in our body and without really understanding why and how we all know that it is an important part of our human life. 


Lighting design is more than putting a grid of downlights into a ceiling, as designers we must understand the intent and application of the space. This allows us to accentuate and highlight areas that require focus but to also indirectly light and create ambience for atmosphere. 

We believe that well tamed light is a catalyst of wellbeing and human experience. 

Novii: our lighting designers




Considered to be its own area of expertise composed from a fusion of creativity and technology, lighting design plays an important role in fabrication of any well considered commercial project.

At Novii we are lucky enough to have three expert lighting designers all stemming from different backgrounds and have their own sources of inspiration.


Monica has a degree in spatial design and has been trained in house to be knowledgeable in light and technology. Her studies give her a deep understanding of space and its use and is inspired by urban and modern elements.


Joe is also an in-house trained lighting designer with a passion for technology. His interest in technology puts him at the forefront of product development to understand its application and how it’s built – he is the pixel master.


Alix is an optical engineer that studied and specialised in lighting design. Her understanding of lighting is deep and is a mix of science and creativity. Alix draws inspiration from the different places she lived and visited around the world. 

Lighting Inspiration

Snohetta’s ‘Under’ explores the treatment of light and materiality in a unique way.
Beauty is captured within the interior through the invisible qualities of light and its environment, creating a place of solitude.
This treatment has heavily influenced Monica’s work during her time of study and continues to be a project of inspiration.

Birthed from supernova so bright equalling all other light in the night sky, a neutron star is the smallest and densest object known to science.
We can detect their presence in many ways but still know little about them.
The unknown is what drives Joes inspiration.
It allows us to learn what we must, or give room to let the imagination take over.

Paris the city of lights and the town Alix used to work in is definitely a huge inspiration for her.
She witnessed since she was a kid how light can transform the atmosphere of a city.
Paris by night is definitely telling a different story than during the day.