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A Design Journey

September 7, 2022

What is lighting design?

Light is multifaceted; its a wave and a particle, visible and invisible. It is this duality that makes light both an interesting and a difficult material to work with. Light and absence of light bring back primitive reactions in our body and without really understanding why and how we all know that it is an important part of our human life. 


Lighting design is more than putting a grid of downlights into a ceiling, as designers we must understand the intent and application of the space. This allows us to accentuate and highlight areas that require focus but to also indirectly light and create ambience for atmosphere. 

We believe that well tamed light is a catalyst of wellbeing and human experience. 

Novii: our lighting designers

Georgia Petsef

Joe Dawson

Johanna Spaeth

Considered to be its own area of expertise composed from a fusion of creativity and technology, lighting design plays an important role in fabrication of any well considered commercial project.

At Novii we are lucky enough to have three expert lighting designers all stemming from different backgrounds and have their own sources of inspiration.